Welcome to my portfolio site!

Hi! My name is Joe Raposo and this is my online area for doodles and projects that I have been working on. Feel free to look around and drop me a line!

Fitness App Concept

Challenge A Fitness Companion App concept that will allow you set up a routine and keep track of various workout metrics like time, sets, reps, calories, etc. Approach Use a fluid design that is a constantly evolving UI and simple footer buttons making it easy to navigate. Wireframes and Layout Logo Development Account Activity: Sign-In and [...]

Kids App Store – Desktop & Mobile

Challenge Create a kids App store featuring kid-friendly content that feature a unique interface that appeals to all ages and has a simple, straightforward UI Approach Use glossy buttons and reflections on the media to make a sharp looking interface that features big graphics and bright colors. UI Elements Design Using the cartoony imagery from [...]