Project Description


NASCAR Trivia Chase is an upcoming Trivia App that is officially licensed by NASCAR. It will be released on February 21, 2016 on iOS with an Android version shortly after. It is the second phase in the Trivia Game Series. See phase one here. The goal is to appeal to a larger user base to coincide with the Daytona 500 2016 race.


Wireframes and Game Flow

Some of the design goals were to create a game loop that is simple and will keep people coming back, connect to social media to tap into larger friends list database, develop a need for in game purchases to help the player have an edge, and to appeal to NASCAR fans, both diehard and casual.

High Fidelity Prototypes

Logo Development

The original concept for the NASCAR Trivia Chase logo was a medallion-type logo featuring a helmet in some way as well as the NASCAR logo. I developed numerous types of logos while experimenting with color and texture. NASCAR is very particular about not using the exact colors or shapes of their logo, so the goal was to keep it in the same family. I wanted something that was striking and said that this was a head-to-head game. The game did go through several name changes before being settled on “NASCAR Trivia Chase”. The circular medallion logo that was decided on fits the circular shape of the main UI (wheel spinner) so it ties in nicely.

App Icon

Texture Exploration

I wanted to give the UI some depth, so I experimented with some texture on bars and other UI elements. Things like carbon fiber and metals were used to try to evoke a car-like feel to the game and would really stand out on a retina display.

NASCAR Trivia Chase Texture Atlas


Pop Up Dialogs

As with any game, popup dialogs were needed. Using tires, trophies, checkered flags, helmets, and textures, I wanted them to feel like a NASCAR game, while being vibrant and fun.

Apple iWatch

iOS Icon Sizes

iOS Store Layout and App Icon