It was the first time in 50 years that a block of animation was not played on a Saturday Morning! As a kid who lived for Saturday morning, this kills me! Hanging around in your pajamas, eating cereal, and relaxing after the hectic (and stressful) week of school was one of the highlights of being a wee lad and it saddens me that kids will never experience that anymore.

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Now I know this has been happening for a while now, as Saturdays were really just DragonBall Z and Sonic as of late. But at least there was something. Anything….. Now it’s just another “Today” show or infomercial taking up time until they feel like putting something decent on. To be honest, I’m not even sure what kids are watching these days (says the old man). What do kids look forward to on the weekend? Sleep? Pfffffff…. C’mon man. You don’t sleep when you’re a kid. Any parent will tell you that.

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Saturday Morning Cartoon Blocks generally lasted from around 8-11 am and every channel had their own gimmicks to get you to watch. Kids Clubs, Kids Zones, and all kids of cool intros and outros that made you want to see what was coming next. I had a schedule that I would follow that I can’t exactly remember, but I know I would watch Muppet Babies, Dino Saucers, Animaniacs, Garfield and Friends, Earthworm Jim, Freakazoid, Flintstone Kids,Wish Kid, Hammerman (Yup…M.C Hammer cartoon!), and even the New Kids On The Block cartoon. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t watch (clearly). It was so awesome to just be a kid and watch cartoons for hours. This was my time with the TV. It was TV that was made for me.

To be honest, I’m not even sure what kids are watching these days (says the old man). What do kids look forward to on the weekend? Sleep? Pfffffff….

Now kids will never know the feeling of saturday cartoon morning blocks of awesomeness with a side of cereal heaven. Are these great times gone forever? Probably….What did you think I had a plan? Sometimes the truth hurts…I know. But as a side thought, what if they took all the cartoons that already existed from the back in the day and made a network or a dedicated block on some channel to play these once a week? I know, easier said than done,, with all the licensing or whatnot, but is it that difficult? They already exist, right? Maybe it’s coming from a place of selfishness (it is), but this could keep the dream alive. I own a couple of old seasons of various shows and I think they still hold up (for the most part). I also think this would bring attention to the old shows, increasing interest in DVD sales…..huh…not bad. So there it is….I saved Saturday Mornings. I can’t believe it. You’re welcome.

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Hammerman Intro… because why not?