wiiu conference

In today’s Nintendo Direct Presentation, the company made some big announcements concerning their new hardware and upcoming software. Probably the biggest news to come out of the presentation was that there is a new 3D Mario in development as well as Mario Kart. Although many of you might have figured this was happening, they announced that they will be playable at E3 this year.

Another announcement worth noting is that they will be releasing an HD remake of Wind Waker set for a fall release. Looks like I’ll finally get to play this game!

wind waker hd

Here are some more key points:

Yoshi is back and he looks a little stringy! The makers of Kirby’s Epic Yarn are developing the title and it already looks great!

Footage from The Wonderful 101 was shown and I have to say that am impressed. The action looks fun and over the top and it seems to some humor to mix up the gameplay.

The virtual console is finally making its way to the WiiU and they are offering a discounted price for those who have already purchased the same games on their Wii.

You can watch the entire conference below:

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